Welcome to Queens Prowl, a premium online fashion boutique that celebrates the femininity and fearlessness of every woman.  

At Queens Prowl, we deliver exceptionally crafted clothing and accessories designed to flatter every curve and every shape of every woman.  We believe that every woman deserves stylishly designed and carefully crafted clothing that sparks her confidence and makes her feel great.  At Queens Prowl, we are passionate about designs that accentuate the natural flow of the female form and fabrics that are durable, comfortable, and flattering. 

Queens Prowl was established in 2020 with a simple, yet powerful, mission in mind:  Offer beautifully crafted fashions that makes every woman feel like the queen she truly is.  We are proud to not only be a black-owned and operated small business headquartered in the heart of Huntsville, Alabama, but also a women-owned and operated organization.  Each design we offer is meant to ignite the imagination and boost the confidence of every woman we serve.  We want every woman to know she deserves to feel beautiful in her skin, and by delivering a magnificent selection of looks that flatter every figure, Queens Prowl makes it our mission to empower women and help them unleash their inner and outer beauty through the power of fashion.  Offering on-trend and meticulously styled fashions that range from glam to chic, modern to sophisticated, floral to linear, and everything in between – Queens Prowl is passionate about delivering clothing and accessories that celebrates the natural beauty of every woman and every figure.

At the end of the day, Queens Prowl is more than a clothing boutique – it is the realization of a beautiful dream.  It is a manifestation of hard work, dedication, and fearless dreaming.  We created Queens Prowl to encourage all women to follow their dreams and cast out any fear that might otherwise hold them back.  In addition to our feminine-forward fashions and commitment to celebrating confidence in women, Queens Prowl also works alongside our sister non-profit organization R.O.S.A. Bridge Program, an organization that is dedicated to giving back to our community and lifting up those who need love, support, and understanding.